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I am sure happy a nice lady found me and gave me a ride to the shelter. I had been trying to make it on my own as a stray. You have to hunt for food and I was hungry because I am not a good hunter. I really didn't quite know where to sleep because I was afraid to close my eyes, there are a lot of weird noises out there in the "wild." I was just exhausted and promptly fell asleep in the car on my way to the shelter. I can sleep comfortably now, I have my own bed and blankie. I get treats and toys and walks everyday and am grateful but I am still searching for something and that is a family. My friends here at the shelter think I am about five years old and may be a Pointer-Pit Bull mix. Regardless of my breed I am a very friendly boy and would be a loyal family member. I am neutered and don't make messes in my pen. I got my name because nobody knows why I was brought in as a stray. The person that brought me here said I was friendly with other cats and dogs too. I know I had a family at one time because my front paws are declawed. It is a bit confusing because it seems somebody loved me at one time. I can't cry over spilled milk, (good one, huh?) so I am moving one and hoping for a new family. I may be about three years old and I am a very sweet gal, if I say so myself. It is my wish to live with a family. I will be spayed before you take me home. Once I start to make memories with a new family my life won't be a mystery anymore.

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We are looking for volunteers to walk dogs, cat cuddle or to help with general housekeeping at the shelter. Volunteering at our shelter is very rewarding! Our animals love the attention, and the socialization provided by volunteers helps get them adopted more quickly. Dog walkers must be at least 18 years old and able to handle energetic dogs. If you have a few free hours each week, please give us a call at 814-443-2121.


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Help reduce the number of animals in shelters! If anyone is interested in sponsoring one of our shelter pets to be spayed or neutered please call us at 814-443-2121 for details. Thank you.

Volunteer Dog Walkers Needed

Please help!  We need volunteers to help us exercise the dogs.  We try to walk the dogs each day to provide them with the exercise and attention they so desperately need.  You can volunteer as little or as much as you like.  If you would be interested in helping us care for our animal guests, please call the shelter at 814-443-2121.

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